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Selasa, 01 November 2011

MILCAH for CLEO Fashion Awards

Yesterday was our fitting for Cleo Fashion Awards and it was a total fun fiasco! We're pairing this and that and those with our naomiandeugene for Milcah's Spring/Summer 2012 : Into the Dip shoe collection.

our accessories designer, Ike, trying to put some bracelet on.

the clothes and accessories screaming Into the Dip. Yeay!

Eda and the messy pile of clothes and shoes and accessories. Like I said, it was a fiasco.

Our designers : Ike, Otin, and Eda.

For the first view of this Spring/Summer 2012 : Into the Dip, don't forget to cone to CLEO Fashion Awards on November 16th, 2011 at Pacific Place. 

See you there!


photos courtesy of eugene. 

Rabu, 14 September 2011

MILCAH, ike for MILCAH, naomiandeugene

hey pretty girl!

remember yor favorite clothing line MILCAH? we just got nominated for this year's CLEO fashion awards! yeaaayyy :):)

for more updates about our collection kindly follow our twitter @i_amMILCAH and don't forget to like our fan page .. you can also see our updates and other infos about our upcoming projects on our facebook Milcah To Wear

See you on Jakarta Fashion Week!


Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

Inspiration, inspiration. come to us!

hello loves! happy sunday!

we're preparing our next collection right now as we received many requests and positive feedbacks about our shoes. whats next? flats? sandals? clogs? mocassins? boots? it'll be a surprise!
we're working on them now, so stay tuned, and follow our twitter @naomiandeugene to keep yourself updated! and don't forget, we always have special offers for our loyal followers ;)

naomi and eugene

Huge Thanks to MILCAH and Brightspot Market and, YOU!

Yeaaay! We succeed to sell all of our shoes at the Brightspot Market, 28th April 2011-!st May 2011!
First of all, we made this special collection for the adorable MILCAH inspired by her adorable style, so major thanks to MILCAH!
Second of all, thanks to the brilliant Brightspot Market, can't wait for another one! ;)
Last but not least, this wouldn't be complete without our adorable stylish customers..!
Thanks to all of you who support us, for the inspirations, the responses, and for the euphoria! we're still so happy and energized even Brightspot has end last week! phew!

stay tuned, folks! keep stepping on us ;)


naomi and eugene

Selasa, 03 Mei 2011

First Collection

naomi and eugene proudly present..... *drumroll*

Navy Blue Sandal - IDR 359,000,-

Brown Clogs - IDR 459,000,-

Red Clogs - IDR 449,000,-

Grey Oxford Wedges - IDR 459,000,-

Follow our twitter @naomiandeugene for more updates and for special followers price!
Mention, text, email, or call us for further information! see ya ;)

naomi and eugene

Kamis, 21 April 2011

Hello loves !

good morning, good happy day ;)

today we're planning on wrapping some of our products, and naomi is picking up some more from the workshop. we got so very excited for the brightspot market this end of april that we just want to delay everything including college-time and go straight to april 28th. hahahaa.. unfortunately, that's impossible.

well, anyways, we're going to upload our products real soon. we're sorry it took like a loooong time, but believe us, we cant wait too! hehe

so stay tuned, loves!